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Stories and Memories of St Pauls.

The following are a few funny memories and notes that have been taken from the End of an Era magazine published in 1994.  If you have any short stories or memories of St Pauls you wish to share please contact us.

  • During year 10 camp at Santa Monica in 1982, a student began his descent on the flying fox only to pass unscathed between a moving school coaster and its trailer load of canoes!
  • Mrs Marge Odgers who left St Paul's during 1986 taught for over the span of a quarter of a century!  I do believe there may be some current Damascus staff from St Paul's who have also reached this milestone. 
  • Another incident at the famous 1982 Year 10 Camp involved one student (now a staff member!) shooting the clay bird before it had even left the trap! 
  • In 1867 valuable documents and gold coins were placed beneath the foundation stone of what was to become St Paul's Technical School in Lydiard St.  Apparently they remain there still!  Woodwork classes in the basement may have been different had we known they were there!
  • Our favourite brother from the States, Br Greg Lindeman is one of very few people who has made several attempts to consume a fake rubber lamington.
  • At the 1988 Year 10 Camp a group of students used medical supplies and good old mercurochrome on one students head to make it appear that he had been hit from projectiles thrown into their campsite by others.  Other camps had supplies confiscated for the incident!  Unfortunately payback came in the the form of one of the make up artists later tripping over a log and dislocating a kneecap, thus unable to partake in any abseiling or other trip activities.


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