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1960. After 12 years service to the St. Paul's Technical School Community, Bro. W. S. Cooke was appointed Superior of St. Augustine's, Geelong. With the advent of Bro. W. T. Miller, a new era in practical work began. Buzz saws, shapers, lathes and drills set up an incessant clamour from dawn till dark. One only had to threaten a boy with deprivation of practical work to reduce the most recalcitrant rebel to an abject slave, Fr. McKenzie was the school chaplain. The Ladies' Auxiliary was formed in 1960.

1961. This year saw a new method implemented for the Annual Retreat which was conducted by Rev. Fr. Carberry, CSSR. FatheJ stayed the whole week at the school where, besides giving conferences, he was available at all times for private interviews and to help and encourage the boys.

1962. This was the last year the Junior Technical Certificate was awarded due to the increasing educational requirements by employers. The school marched in the Youth Parade of Ballarat and the school choir comlpeted in the Royal South Street competitions. The students raised 50 pounds for the missions and the Ladies' Auxiliary conducted a fete and from the proceeds presented the school with a tape recorder and epidiascope and a slide projector.

1964.Form Four was inaugurated to the school after tireless work by the school's Principal, Bro. K, p, Kent, who was transferred from St. Paul's at the end of 1963. With the generous assistance of Fr. O'Brien, the bike shed was constructed and a new shaper was bought for the machine shop, Fr, Halloran was the school Chaplain, In the 1964 Annual report, boys were discouraged "in the wearing of fantastically pointed shoes,"

1968. Bishop O'Collins visited St. Paul's on Tuesday, 2nd of April, for the celebration of Mass and the investiture of class captains and school prefects. The head prefect was Alex Merzvinskis. The St. Paul's debating team participated in a debate against Loreto Convent. The topics were "The Ballarat tram system should be discontinued," and "Co-Education is the ideal school system."



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