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1951. Bro. C. F. North and Br. A. Faulkner were transferred to St. Paul's Technical School to replace Bro. Faux and Bro. Cahill. Our first exhibition of work was held this year during Education Week. In the Ballarat Gold Centenary Art Exhibition, Brian Nestor obtained equal second place in the 14-16 years division.

1952. Bro. Faulkner was transferred to St. Mary's, Geelong and his place was taken by Bro. L. Whyte. In March the Christian Brother schools in Ballarat extended a warm welcome to the visiting superior of the Christian Brothers' Order, Rev. E. F. Clancy from Dublin, Ireland. His visit was recorded by the local media.

1953. Bro. Whyte left the order in November, 1952. His place was taken in February by Brother C. P. Maloney. The Ballarat YMCA held a hobbies exhibition and children from St. Paul's obtained most of the prices. Once again, all boys who sat for the Junior Technical Certificate passed and found employment before February, 1954.

1954. Bro. Maloney was transferred to St. Patrick's College and his place taken by Bro. A. C. Nalty from February to August and by Bro. J. O'Keane from August to December. The first ex-pupil to be married was Geoffrey Hayes to Carmel Murphy. They built their home in Buninyong.

1955. The staff of St. Paul's was left one man short when Bro. a'Keane was transferred to St. Kilda withou' being replaced. During the year the Ballarat Chamber of Commerce conducted an essay competition or "The Columbo Plan." In the boys 14-16 years division, Roy Lynan of St. Paul's was the winner.

1956. Twenty-two boys sat for and passed the Junior Technical Certificate. Six sat for and passed the exam for technician in training in the P .M.G. department and started their training in Melbourne. The school's future was endangered when the Technical Inspectors Board found that we had not obtained the services of another teacher; a problem that was to plague us for several years to come.

1957. Brian McLennan who was dux in 1952, completed a Diploma of Civil Engineering and has taken a appointment with the Melbourne Board of Works. Bro. North, who had taught art and science with gre. success was transferred to Abbotsford and in his place came Bro. K. P. Kent.

1958. The entire senior class was sent for the Commonwealth Public Service exam in October. All passed and five were in the first ten of the 530 who passed. Bro. Cooke was challenged by three larikans as he was working late one night in the school's machine shop. After a brawl, Bro. Cooke managed to hold one of the offenders and ring the police. Bro. Cooke writes in the school annals, "No charge was laid but they must have been very sore for some time afterwards."

1959. Bro. Archer was transferred to St. Patrick's College and his place was taken by Bro. K. MacPherson who, due to several operations, was away from school for 19 weeks. As a result, two brothers from St. Kilda, Bro. T. Parton and Bro. P. Hurley sacrificed part of their holidays to help out. Fluorescent lights were installed in the Woodwork room and the girls' kitchen by T. J. Coutts.



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